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Birthday Bunny!

Another year and I'm still here, so I guess we should celebrate?!?

My birthday is March 2, and I wanna have some fun! I am still very down and out, so here's my request for a little funtime help, but you can get treats in return if you want! Links to things below, and as always, dollars are always a delight as well!

PLUS! this year you can celbrate with me, join the fun WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1 for Burlesk at Sid Gold's!

Thanks so much for helping me grab a little joy in my sad little paws!

Bathing Bunny

i don't get to have baths at home and so every year for my birthday, my one tradition is a birthday soak...contribute to the fund from the kindness of your heart, HERE!

If you'd like a ~thank you~ email me first and I can run through your options, there's a few!

neat treats!

if you like to give gifts over cash, HERE is a list of treats guaranteed to make me giggle with joy!

Be sure to include a gift note, OR send me a DM or email!

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