Class Offerings

Classes are $15 each or two for $25, unless otherwise noted, and every bundle receives a bonus 30min warm up video.

Please feel free to email with questions.


one hour isolation engagement drill class

fast paced!

Booty Burn

one hour butt workout to plump & tone your tush

Skate Stretch

one hour focusing on warming you up to roll out & stretching you down post skate

Boa Play

one hour class focusing on different boa tips & tricks

Hair Play

lecture class focusing on big & easy hair tips & tricks

Stop It!

one hour lecture focusing on stillness


one hour isolation engagement drill class

slow paced!

Showgirl Stretch

one hour stretch focusing on lines and length as you engage

Warm It Up

one hour of full body warm up to get you ready to move

Chair Play

one hour class with warm up & choreography

How the Hell Do I Get...

one hour lecture on tips, tricks, & techniques to choreographing

Connect It!

one hour lecture focusing on audience connection

all images by La Photographie save Skate Stretch! by Adrian Eric Morales