HOWDY! & Hear ya Dance with Kitana Louise

HELLO! Welcome to my new site! It has been a while coming and now that it is ready for your Hungry Eyes (any opportunity to think of Dirty Dancing MUST be taken), I was wondering what the BEST way to say hello was....I decided that I should roll out my new site with my very first blog post...and as I am all about ASSistance, I am going to do it with a little help from a friend, the BOOTYful Kitana Louise!

This is the debut video of our Hear ya Dance duet from Music City Burlesque's 2nd Annual Cabin Fever Peep Show.

I really wanted to work on a duet as my 3rd act for MCB's Winter show, I figure even though I want all the stage time I can get, our audience deserves as much variety of performance as I am capable of. And I LOVE collaborating. I think that it is really spectacular when something as completely personal, and so often solitary, as crafting a burlesque performance into existence is, brings another performer into your space, and WORKS! I was lucky that Kit would have me, and I think that the piece we created was a good time for all involved...ESPECIALLY the audience.

I really got to connect with Kit last year when she completed the Delinquent Debutantes performance track. Her GRINDuation performance was SUPERB, a sing and strip number, where she teased the audience from behind a tiny piece of satin, was one of my favorite numbers of the night. So when we started bouncing ideas off feach other I knew she was going to bring some serious attitude to the stage. The song is actually all on Kit, I thinkshe partially thought I was going to hate it, but it was the first on her short list that we shared in our first meeting, and through all the other songs she played, I kept tapping out the rythm to this baby.

We spent a few Sunday afternoons getting down and dirty in the studio, but it NEVER felt like work. I never had any of those "OHGADWHYCANTIFIGURETHISOOOOOOOOUT!" moments I so often have when working on a solo, because there Kit was to offer an idea I hadn't even come close to having. I hope she feels the same, but I seriously looked forward to my Sunday afternoon because I knew I was going to have fun minus a lot of the frustratiom because of a friend who just GOT IT.

When I checked in with my phone after the show, I had a SLEW of messages about the duet and how much people had loved it. Including "The room just melted. REALLY. FOR REALLY REAL." So I hope that everyone enjoyed watching our little tale of long distance lust fulfillment as much as I delighted in bringing it to life.


If you read all the way down to this point, you deserve a little treat. An Evening with Michelle L'amour is THIS SATURDAY. The 9:00 show is almost sold out, and the 11 will probably follow close behind...Michelle will be performing TWO DIFFERENT NUMBERS THAT NIGHT. Yeah. TWO. DIFFERENT. MICHELLE. L'AMOUR. PERFORMANCES. Happening right in front of you. UNCENSORED NASHVILLE. That means all the stuff we usually hide! HAVE YOU SEEN HER BUM?! Its only rivaled by all the rest of her. SO. if you wanna know WHAT two acts, buy your tickets NOW. And when I see you at BOTH shows, you get a special treat!


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