Hearts over Heads with UVUDU? Imaging

I met the lovely couple that is UVUDU? Imaging around about 3 years ago after I first jumped into the Nashville Burlesque scene at Music City Burlesque's Spring show in 2011. After I grabbed King Dado by the calf (literally, he has a Tesla tattoo so really what else could I do?) he declared his love for both my brain and my backside, as I would learn this is a very Dado way of life. However it was when I met his better half, Kallisto Killer, that the smitten was ON.

I have worked with UVUDU? a few times in the past 3 years, but Dado and I have been talking about a Hearts over Heads shoot for 2 solid years, without actually doing anything to make it happen....until NOW!

We set up our plans for A Day of Butt, the Hearts shoot and to get some shots of me in my Booty and the Geek Bunny Suit for promotional use for my upcoming Bunny sssHOP! Which you can register for HERE and read all about soon!!! I asked if I could add my lady love Freya West to the mix for some promotional Bunny Suit stuff and when we started in on the Hearts over Heads images, we got her all naked and bendy with us!

I am always about great photos of me looking fabulous and when they are BOOTY filled AND include my best friend, well, OVER THE MOON! Get it? GET IT!

So I hope that this special Burlesque ButtDay treat is enough booty to tide you over until you can catch Freya and I as we welcome a new class of Delinquent Debutantes GRINDuates to the Nashville burlesque scene in UNCENSORED fashion on April 5 at Alethea Austin's The Chrome Bar!

What I am saying is that in 2 weeks you guys will have a whole lotta BRAND NEW vortex to swoon over, so until then, here is a double dose of Delinquent Debutantes booty!!! You can find my solo shot over in my gallery, butT two glorious backsides are always better than one!

Photo by UVUDU? Imaging

March 2014

Hair Cut & COlor by Kristy Lynne of Chop Shop

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