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Relax, Babe

We all get swamped. Work, chores, friends, significant others, kids, pets, responsibility after responsibility...which makes it easy to forget about the most important part of it all, ourselves! How is it so easy in all the glitter and elbow grease to forget to take care of ourselves?! Over the past few weeks I have come to fully realize that when you forget to take time to give your body and brain some TLC, they will demand it. I came to this realization with the help of a few medical professionals who told me that on top of all the medical aide that they were giving me, I needed to better manage my stress. Which made me laugh. I manage too many OTHER things, who’s got time to manage stress? With all my muggle life and sparkle life responsibilities, I just didn’t have enough hours in the day. Which means I have to pay better attention to what I am taking on and make sure that I don’t over schedule myself. So now I schedule ME TIME. I work it into my schedule, I actually write it down. And it’s working. So go ahead and make a little time to take a little time, just for you.

  • Prepare and luxuriate in a relaxing bath. Find yourself salts or oils or bath bombs and just soak. Go full prune.

  • Completely unplug from everything and read a book you haven’t had the time for. Get wild, read all night.

  • Get active! The weather is changing, take advantage and walk around the neighborhood. Roll out your yoga mat and really breathe it all out. Or my favorite, dance! Put on a favorite playlist, spend the first few songs stretching and warming up those muscles, then just DANCE.

I finally got to write that on my schedule this week. Wednesday night. 10pm. DANCE. Just writing it made me feel better. That is how important it is to make sure YOU are taken care of.

Remember, you are allowed to take time for yourself. You need it. You deserve it.


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